Account Deletion Request

if you want your account and all associated data to be deleted , send us an email at
All datatypes associated with your account will be removed:
Data type Description

Approximate location

User or device physical location to an area greater than or equal to three square kilometres, such as the city that a user is in, or location provided by Android’s ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission.

Precise location

User or device physical location within an area less than three square kilometres, such as location provided by Android’s ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission.
Name How a user refers to themselves, such as their first or last name, or nickname.
Email address A user’s email address.

User IDs

Identifiers that relate to an identifiable person. For example, an account ID, account number or account name. 

User payment info

Information about a user’s financial accounts such as credit card number.

Purchase history

Information about purchases or transactions that a user has made.

Other in-app messages

Any other types of messages. For example, instant messages or chat content.

App interactions

Information about how a user interacts with the app. For example, the number of times that they visit a page or sections they tap on.

In-app search history

Information about what a user has searched for in your app.

Installed apps

Information about the apps installed on a user's device.

Other user-generated content

Any other User-generated content not listed here or in any other section. For example, user bios, notes or open-ended responses.

Other actions

Any other user activity or actions in-app not listed here such as gameplay, likes and dialogue options.

Web browsing history

Information about the websites that a user has visited.

Crash logs

Crash log data from your app. For example, the number of times that your app has crashed, stack traces or other information directly related to a crash.


Information about the performance of your app. For example battery life, loading time, latency, framerate or any technical diagnostics.

Other app performance data

Any other app performance data not listed here.

Device or other IDs

Identifiers that relate to an individual device, browser or app. For example, an IMEI number, MAC address, Widevine device ID, Firebase installation ID or advertising identifier.